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FEI (Fartelj Enterprises Investments) is a multifaceted company comprising Enterprises, Investments, and the Foundation. Enterprises focuses on nurturing start-ups and providing business services, Investments offers opportunities for future ventures, and the Foundation is dedicated to addressing global challenges with a focus on mental health awareness. With a commitment to positive change, we aspire to be a leading force in shaping a better world.

This website functions solely as a conceptual platform, wherein all presented information is authentic and substantive in nature.



A dynamic and compassionate non-profit organization committed to addressing the world's most pressing challenges. With a relentless focus on combating poverty, protecting the animal kingdom, and advancing education and many other charitable activities, our foundation strives to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of individuals and communities globally


We are passionate about nurturing, holding and building start-up companies from the ground up. We take pride in creating the best efficient, quality and innovative forward businesses from scratch. From concept development to market entry, we are committed to fostering a culture of innovation, resilience, and entrepreneurial excellence companies.


Our focus lies in identifying and acquiring established companies with robust growth potential, leveraging our expertise, market insights, and financial resources to strategically enhance their performance and profitability. Aligned with our vision and values, we prioritize long-term value creation, actively seeking out investment opportunities that align with our strategic objectives.

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